Acquired Wisdom

- Life is interesing when , either you are learning or you are teaching .

- Happiness - A feeling you get when you come back to comfort zone after being out of it for some time .

- Happiness - Its not about a good deal , its about a better deal . Thus , a person who wasnt happy with car , can be seen relishing a cycle in different circumstances .

- I am yet to see a person who hasnt stopped working and is still a failure .

- Do you care what people think of you ? And again do you want to be respected?

- In the process of cheating life ... doing ok so far .

- Professionalism is - to promptly locate G spot of a situation

- Being nice is not as much about being a good person , as it is about being efficient person . Isnt easy for Some one who is struggling to meet deadline to be good to strangers.


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